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Warehouse Direct

About us

We are the top providers of quality imported furniture in Australia. Our years of experience in sourcing top notch furniture for commercial and domestic use have made us a household name among wholesalers and retailers in Australia.

Our stores have expanded and we now boast of having the capability to cut out the middlemen and interact directly with the consumers of imported furniture.

We specialize in lounge furniture, bedroom furniture, and dining furniture to make your home stand out whenever you have guests around. We also partner with businesses and restaurants to help them spruce up their places of businesses with classy furniture.

Our business is family owned and professionally managed by experienced personnel, who have passed the test in terms of being problem solvers and forward thinking strategists. Our hands-on approach when dealing with customers ensures that you get exactly what you ask for, and in case you need a little help deciding what pieces you should get, we are there to help you out.

We extend our services from the stores to your home by covering furniture delivery and setup services. When you buy from us, you don't have to task yourself with the back-breaking work of loading, transporting, and unloading the item you have bought. Enjoy the well-organized delivery and setup services offered by our logistics department. We guarantee that you'll receive the purchased product on time and in one piece.

At Warehouse direct we take pride in our strong innovative team that keeps up with the latest trends in furniture design, and service delivery. Our call center and social media pages are monitored all the time to enable us to respond to all the concerns that our clients raise promptly.


When looking for furniture that seamlessly blends with your interior decoration theme, you need to involve experienced furniture dealers to help you pick just the right pieces. Western Australian Furniture Stores offer a wide range of furniture pieces that can leave you confused, not knowing where to start.

Warehouse Direct is here for you when you are approaching the home decoration task on your own. Our wide collection of furniture is suited for both domestic and commercial spaces. Perth Furniture Factory Direct services assemble the item you buy on site under your supervision to allow you to begin enjoying the furniture on the same day it is delivered.

We also partner with our customers who want the best Messmate Furniture Perth and the neighboring environs. We are aware of the need to personalize your bedroom to ensure it has the perfect environment for relaxation after a long working day. That is why we also stock the Best Pocket Spring Mattresses in Perth for the various bed sizes.

When you have a home improvement project that demands new furniture, Warehouse Direct are your best bet for getting the best Lounges For Sale in Perth. We promise additional on-site assembly with any purchases made from our stores, thus ensuring that you get the furniture piece you buy from us assembled by professionals. This saves you from incurring additional set up costs and allows you to start using the furniture immediately it gets home.

Our Perth Furniture Warehouse is large enough to store all the furniture we advertise on our website and social media pages. We understand that there is nothing worse for a customer than spotting an amazing looking piece of furniture only to be told that it is currently out of stock. Through experience, we have noted the importance of keeping our online store up to date with our physical store to avoid such inconveniences.

Commercial Furniture

Our wide collection of commercial furniture gives you so much to choose from when decorating commercial spaces in offices, restaurants, and waiting bays in large office buildings. The Perth Furniture Store offers multiple color choices for some of the cozy office couches to help you keep color inspired interior deco themes intact.

We also offer portable and stackable seats that are ideal for conferences and meetings. Having these furniture in an easily accessible point in an office helps you to convert any large sized room into a conference room. Combined with portable tables, these seats are a must have for any establishment that holds frequent meetings or has exchange programs with players in the same industry.

Your commercial furniture needs can be addressed to satisfaction with our Perth Furniture Factory Direct pieces that come with free delivery and on location setup. You, therefore, can do away with middlemen and brokers who have little knowledge of how to properly set up the furniture by getting the furniture from Warehouse Direct.

We have been supplying all the major Western Australian Furniture Stores with our products for years and now want to expand our operations by delivering the same services of selling quality imported furniture directly to the consumers.

Cafe furniture

We stock comfortable sets of furniture that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor cafes. Whether you are looking for long seats to hold large gatherings or a simple setup of two seats and a matching table, you will find everything that your cafe needs in our Perth Furniture Store.

Bar stools

Get single standing tall bar stools with short backrests that are ideal for social distancing measures in your restaurant or cafe. The bar stools feature comfy and spacious leg rests that are the best for revelers who like sitting close to the serving counter.

You also have the choice of picking the traditional bar stool, which is not portable, or choosing lighter and stackable designs that come in different shapes and sizes.

You will love the look of these bar stools because their design oozes of simplicity and enhances portability. The thin frame should not fool you into thinking that only petite people can sit on these stools. The stools have awesome weight support and minimize chances of slipping.

Enjoy the convenience of saving space with the stackable design of the bar stools that enables you to transform your restaurant space into a concert hall for booked events and parties whenever a need arises.

What's more, you can enjoy free delivery and setup for any furniture purchase made from us and save yourself from the hassle of moving the cafe furniture from our stores to your cafe.

Lounge furniture

Visit our Perth Furniture Warehouse to pick your favorite pieces from our wide variety of furniture ideal for your home or office lounge. You can also view the stock on our website from the comfort of your home and browse through the multi sized sets of leather and fabric-covered couches. By dealing with us, you can be sure to get the best Lounges For Sale in Perth and the larger Australian region.

Corner sofa sets

Our customers who have large lounges have their needs catered to with the wide collection of leather sofas. Options include corner sofas with or without reclining leg rests.

You can also pick 3-seater or 2-seater sofas if you have a smaller lounge at home.

Messmate Timber TV stand

Place the TV in your lounge on a durable and exquisite TV stand made from messmate timber. The TV stand comes with large storage doors that open outwards giving you enough storage space for your favorite movie collection.

Recliner seats

Pick on of the many recliner seats that matches the lounge you have at home and enjoy nice relaxation on warm sunny days.

Massage chairs

We have comfy deluxe massage chairs that will make a nice addition to your home lounge if you are an avid lover of back massages. The chairs also give you a nice personal place you can use to get away from the daily pressures when you want to clear your mind.

Dining furniture

Nothing brings families closer together like sharing dinner after a long day of work for the parents and a tiresome school day for the kids. Dining furniture that has enough siting capacity for the whole family is important when you are filling furniture in your home's dining area for the first time.

For the holidays, most families host members of their extended families for weeks. During those times, the extra space on your dining table comes in handy and brings even bigger families close.

Get the ideal dining furniture set from Warehouse Direct.

Dining table sets

No matter the size of your family, our stores have the perfect dining set for you. We stock dining table sets for 2, 4, or 6 seat spaces.

Get the 2-seater set if you live alone or with a friend.

The 4-seater makes ideal dining space for a couple that has their first child and a live-in nanny.

Pick the 6-seater if you have a larger family or you entertain guests regularly.

Dining chairs

You don't have to replace entire dining sets when you get an additional family member in your home. Provided your dining table is spacious enough, simply select an additional dining chair from our wide collection to add to your dining table.

Bedroom furniture

Customize your bedroom to make it the perfect place for resting after a long day of toiling, with our bedroom furniture collection. We stock the best beds and Messmate Furniture Perth to help you organize your favorite books and journals.

Adjustable beds, sofa beds, and queen beds

Your comfort during the night is guaranteed under the all-inclusive collection of differently designed beds.

Get the adjustable mesh bed for your small rental apartment to save on space. This is ideal if you are a student or you just moved to town and want to get a good night's sleep on a budget.

Convert sitting space into your sleeping area with the robust sofa bed that features unique design. You will be happy to know that the sofa bed does not compromise your comfort.

We also stock queen sized beds that are already upholstered with soft padding and attached head rests. Go for these comfortable beds if you want a lasting solution to sleepless nights and tired mornings.

Bedroom drawers, chests, and cabinets

We provide you with gorgeous storage furniture made from durable wood and with amazing finishes to help you keep your bedroom organized. Get the right size by browsing through our website to find a wide range of multi drawer bedside shelves, chests, and shoe cabinets.


A nice bedroom cannot be complete without a comfortable mattress on the bed. When it comes to selecting a mattress, picking the most affordable or just the size that fits on your bed is not enough. After all, mattresses have come a long way since people began using them on their sleeping areas.

Spring mattress

The spring mattress fits snug on 5 by 6 or 6 by 6 bed sizes and welcomes your body weight with easy yielding springs attached to the underside. The springs are of great importance in keeping the surface flat even after many years of use. Avoid the hard surface on brand new form mattresses that take some time to break in.

We stock the best Pocket Spring Mattresses in Perth, which guarantee that you get a good night's sleep even on the initial day of use.

Orthopedic mattresses

You can also consider getting one of the many orthopedic mattresses we have in stock. This type of mattresses makes a sound long-term investment that is good for your back. Recommended by doctors as the best kind of mattress for older folks, the orthopedic mattress is built to last and buying it when you are still in your youth does not hurt. In fact, it ensures that you are less likely to develop back and neck problems as you age.

Decoration accessories

Indoor spaces look bland without something to break the monotonous walls that all look alike. A hand painted portrait works great to bring some ingenuity and sophistication to a plain wall. However, getting a painter to do some artwork for you might be beyond your budget. So, why not go with some of the beautiful oil paintings that we have in our store.

Unlike the hand painted portraits commissioned by professional artists, these will not dent your financial account. They come at affordable prices, are painted on durable canvas, and framed to make them last longer.

Floor rugs for your floors

Welcome visitors to your home with a cheesy message woven on the surface of the front door mat.

We also stock antiskid mats for the bathroom floors.

Warm up your feet with fluffy mats for the living room that come in bright colors.

Artificial indoor plants

We all love a touch of nature inside our living spaces. Natural indoor plants come with additional care requirements that many people try to avoid.

You can mimic the beauty of having indoor plants with artificial faux plants that bring beauty into your living space without the need for extra care.


Is messmate furniture any good for you?

Messmate wood that is derived from naturally grown eucalyptus trees is preferred by carpenters and woodworkers in the Australian region for its high density and easy to stain surface. The wood comes in light shades of brown and features natural ring patterns that give the furniture made using the wood a unique look. The surface of furniture made using messmate wood hides scratches by making them look like part of the surface patterns.

Why do you need an orthopedic mattress?

Orthopedic mattresses are good for people who suffer from spinal alignment issues. They work to alleviate pain and improve body posture by realigning the spine with time. The orthopedic mattress also helps improve the quality of sleep for healthy people who do not suffer from back problems.

Which is better between a spring mattress and a foam mattress?

Spring mattresses are cheap and only capable of offering average comfort to the user. Newly developed memory form mattresses have the ability to yield according to your body posture and return to the original position when there is no pressure applied on the surface. Although they are more expensive as compared to spring mattresses, they offer greater comfort and durability.