50X150cm 100% Oil Painting - abstract looking at skyscrapper over a river

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Affordable Original Oil Painting

50X150cm 100% Oil Painting

Oil Painting – Original Affordable Artwork

Width : 500mm

Height : 1500mm

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Oil Paintings supplied by Austina

  • “Original” quite simply means a unique one-off piece or small edition hand-pulled print from the artists own hand - Oil Painting.

  • Oil paint has a very specific grinding process, settling time and often is triple-milled....

  • In professional paints ranges come in series where paints made with more expensive pigments will be a higher series and cost more to buy than those made with cheaper pigments which will be a low series.

  • Oil paintings will always demand higher pricing because oil is a very difficult medium to become proficient with, and usually it will take the artist much longer to complete a piece.

  • Also, the cost of paints, brushes and canvas is quite an investment.

  • Brushes for oil can run into the hundreds of dollars.

  • Art reproduction, otherwise known as art replicas, fine art reproductions, reproduction oil paintings, art copies, are just that – they are copies of usually well-known paintings that are hand-painted by a professional artist.